Platinum Landscape and Pool Testimonials

We had a great experience with Platinum Landscape. Rick helped us develop an impressive landscape. The crew was hard working and professional. We are very pleased with the outcome.
— Chris Deputy, Salt Lake City
Because we needed an entire yard remodel, it was important to us to hire a design-and-build contractor who would be involved in the entire process so that everything, such as hardscapes, sprinklers, drainage, plants and installation schedule, all worked together seamlessly. Rick involved us from day one on every aspect of the design, wanting our input on everything from needs and wants to functionality to likes and dislikes.

We collaborated with Rick upfront on the itemized list of work that was to be completed and each item’s estimated cost. He tried to find the best value in materials in order to give us the look and function that we wanted, while being cost conscious. Because of this process, we were able to prioritize and choose which items to keep in the plan and which to remove in order to come up with a budget we were happy with, and we didn’t have any financial surprises when the project was completed.

The crew executed the plan perfectly. Cesar and Oscar often asked if we liked what they were doing, and wanted to make sure we were happy with the quality of workmanship as the project progressed. Many thanks to Cesar, Oscar and Andrew for their attentiveness and answering our many questions.

We had a great experience. We felt like we were listened to and that we had a great deal of input in the process. Every day we walk into our new backyard and say, “Wow!” Thank you so much, Rick and team.
— Cherine Smith, Alpine
I could not be more happy with my new backyard. Platinum Landscape completely transformed my yard into a very usable and beautiful setting. It was a major project that included the removal of old landscaping and included the design and install of new patios, walk ways, pool, hot tub, fire pit and all the greenery to enhance the beauty and functionality. The project turned out way better than our original designs and exceeded our expectations. It was a pleasure to work with them. I was pleased right from the beginning by the creativity in design. Then the crews executed the plan very effectively with the customer always in mind. Rick was very attentive to make sure that mutual expectations were being set and met. They worked and took care of every thing until it was exactly right. I am actually going to miss them being around. Overall a very positive experience and great results.
— Laurie Pope , Provo
What can I say? Rick is a master artist when it comes to landscape. Water feature, water feature, WATER FEATURE! His vision is astounding. Communication is absolutely key between customer and contractor and Rick bridged that gap flawlessly. I was simply amazed how everything came together exactly as we described. Our home was a custom build and out of all sub-contractors, Rick and his crew out performed them all.Our project was done on time and on budget. We even threw Rick a curveball towards the end of the project with an extended piece of landscaping which may not have had the reward factor involved but Rick simply said “No Problem” and landscaped it to our design specs. Again, done promptly, timely and on budget.

Rick threw out unique ideas and was always very transparent and upfront on cost so there are no surprises. He even makes “more bang for your buck” suggestions that will ultimately save you money and give you more in the end. This gave us all the tools we needed to get a BEAUTIFUL landscape without extra or unintended overages.

I must note, this review is almost 8 months after final completion. Everything has gone smoothly since. RIck even pro-actively called me in the fall to remind me of winterization procedures, which were basically non-existent with his sprinkler infrastructure! He even sent his lead project manager out to show me how to clear the water feature pump system when fall leaves accumulate. We’ve only had one of the many trees not take and he has promptly replaced it!

I’ve gone through hiring a landscaping business in my previous home and the end result was horrible. Water feature never worked, sunk, and many plants/trees died that they wouldn’t replace or fix. But with Rick and Platinum Landscape, you are guaranteed a job that is done right and will last you for years. I can not emphasize enough the quality of work and communication which won us over as the best part of our home building experience.
— Jake Schroader, Highland


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